Maestro 8.0 Squelette

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Delivery from February 2024


The Maestro GC 8.0 size guide

The Maestro GC 8.0 Squelette

The new Maestro 8.0 Squelette is a watch that combines Mr. Genta’s unmistakable Maestro case shape with an extraordinary and unique open-worked movement that truly celebrates the 'art' of the mechanical watch. This new and unique bespoke manufacture ultra-thin automatic movement has been developed exclusively for Gerald Charles, under the creative direction of the contemporary watch designer Mr. Octavio Garcia. The case of the Maestro GC 8.0 Squelette is based on the Maestro 2.0 Ultra-Thin model, and it has been slimmed down to 8.35mm, to enhance the watch’s ergonomics further and push elegance and performance to their limits. As with every Gerald Charles watch, a screw-down crown ensures the Maestro 8.0 Squelette is water-resistant to an impressive 100 metres.


Hand drawn, hand crafted

To successfully combine the Maestro's unique case shape with a skeleton movement undoubtedly presented a challenge, both in terms of aesthetics and the practicalities of production - a fact that made it all the more important to call upon Garcia's experience in bringing the project to fruition. The design process involved hundreds of iterations, all of which drawn by hand, that was essential in order to fully explore all the possibilities.


A new and unique movement

The automatic Ref. GCA 5482 calibre is exclusive to Gerald Charles and has been specifically designed so that it can be enhanced with various complications. The design process of the Maestro 8.0 Squelette involved hundreds of iterations, in order to fully explore all the possibilities.

Ultra thin, intricately finished, fully robust

While it comprises 160 components, the movement remains ultra-thin at just 2.6mm high and incorporates an exquisite, star-shaped gold micro rotor running on ceramic bearings in order to allow as much of the mechanism as possible to be on display. And, despite its slimness, the Maestro 8.0 Squelette offers a power reserve of an impressive 50 hours. On the dial side, the skeletonised bridges are satin-finished and rhodium plated or anthracite NAC treated, while all angles, bevels and apertures are hand-polished and all wheels circular-grained on each surface. The rehaut (the inner ring between the dial and crystal) is retained by a series of nine, star-shaped screws that were designed and developed specifically for Gerald Charles. The distinctive Maestro case in which the movement is showcased is equally complex, comprising no fewer than 18 separate components and a screw-down crown that, as with every Gerald Charles watch, ensures the Maestro 8.0 Squelette is water resistant down to an impressive 100 metres - a feature complemented by the clous de Paris patterned rubber strap.

Technical information

Caliber: Ref. GCA 5482
Diameter: 13" ½ (30.00 mm)
Thickness: 2.6 mm
Number of components: 160
Number of jewels: 29
Power reserve: 50 hours
Winding micro-rotor: single direction, in the anti-clockwise sense of the weight, viewing from the dial side
Micro-rotor: 22-carat gold
Balance: variable inertia with gold inertia blocks
Frequency: 21,600 semi-oscillations/hour (3 Hz)
Movement finishing dial side: skeleton bridges and satin-finished and rhodium-plated, hand-finished angles
Anthracite NAC treatment
Bevels and apertures diamond-polished
Ceramic ball-bearing
Wheels circular-grained on two faces
Flat-head screws, locked
Pivots and flanges rolled
Rehaut: minutes indicators, nine stainless steel screws with star head developed in house
Micro-rotor cage: star-shaped
Octavio Garcia
GCA 5482, manufactured exclusively for Gerald Charles
Hours, Minutes
Manufacture movement
Mirror-polished stainless steel (1.4453 medical grade)
Crown: screw down type
Strap: ice blue vulcanised rubber to Mr Gerald Genta Clous de Paris design
Crystals: sapphire crystal front and back
Water-resistance 100m
Production limited by capacity to 100 pieces per year
Watch Head
  • Case size of 39x41mm
  • Case thickness. 8.35mm
  • Asymmetric polygon with smooth edges (“Maestro” original design by Mr. Gerald Charles Genta)
  • Stainless steel case body and bezel
  • Stainless steel crown with embossed logo
  • Sapphire crystals no glare
  • Skeleton bridges and satin-finished and rhodium-plated, hand-finished angles