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Maison values

Founded at the eve of the third millennium, Gerald Charles is the most modern brand of the legendary designer: Mr Gerald Charles Genta. The Maison Gerald Charles represents the apex of the watchmaking innovation by Maestro Gerald. Designing and manufacturing wristwatches for FamilyandFriends, in the pursuit of excellence, is the brand’s mission. A Gerald Charles watch is a unique combination of technology, beauty and elegance on wrist. Operating worldwide with headquarters in Switzerland, we treasure twenty years of technical expertise as an independent, family-run, luxury watchmaker. Our exclusive watches, as do our collectors, cultivate the exception of forms and details.
The watchmaker Gerald Charles discloses the ancient techniques of watch craftsmanship and quality control to manufacture extremely resistant timepieces. Hence why we manufacture in limited number, with the highest care for resistance, design and mechanics, reflecting the spirit of the gentleman designer. We are keen on cultivating family-like relationships with each of our collectors. We only deliver robust watches that may be appreciated over time.

Swiss Mechanics

art on wrist

Mr Genta’s artistic leanings are mirrored in every Gerald Charles watch he created and inspired. Each timepiece bears its own style, design and character, yet they are all united by the balance between aesthetics and mechanical ballet of movements. The watchmaking brand carries the DNA of its founder and former designer, Mr Genta. Our timepieces combine Italian artistic talent and Swiss technology excellence, reflecting their designer’s multicultural upbringing. The harmony among unusual design lines takes Gerald Charles watches beyond the classic round-shape. The eye flows smoothly through the lines, which enhance the Maestro’s ability to strike a perfect balance of forms. More than a luxury wristwatch: a work of art.

Art on wrist


Proud of our roots and decennial watchmaking know-how, the secret to our production is innovation. Our mechanical watches are designed to be long-lasting, fine and robust. A keen eye for detail and the use of precious materials ensure that quality is embedded in our timepieces. With advancements in technical materials and solid manufacturing, we are undertaking innovative activities in the department of R&D. Investing resources in cutting-edge technologies for the watches’ distribution stream guarantees that the highest value is delivered directly to the collectors, and provides not only a highly precise timepiece but a durable investment.

Cutting-edge Technology

Boutique Highlights

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